Medical Astrology Gems

Jyotish Gemstones and Their Associated Planets

Ruling PlanetSign RuledMain GemSecondary Gem
3rd Choice4th Choice
SunLeoRubyRed SpinelRhodolite, RubilliteAlmandite
MoonCancerNatural PearlTissue Nucleated PearlSouth Sea Pearl Moonstone
MarsAries, ScorpioRed Coral**Carnellion
MercuryGemini, VirgoEmeraldGreen TourmalinePeridot*
JupiterSagittarius, PiscesYellow SapphireYellow TopazYellow Beryl (Heliodor)Citrine
VenusTaurus, LibraDiamondWhite SapphireDanburite,
White Topaz,
White Zircon
SaturnCapricorn, AquariusBlue SapphireTanzaniteAmethyst*
Rahu* Hessonite (Gomed)Orange ZirconSpessartite*
Ketu* Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye***

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